Primary Caregiving

Child care environments are typically group based care. Through our primary caring philosophy of practice, you can be assured that there is a carer specifically focussed on caring for your child and who use their understanding of your child’s individual needs, capabilities and interests to maximise their learning and development.
We have found over time that many child care centres do not offer primary caring despite the clear benefit to children as they lack time, resources or a proficient understanding of effective primary caring practices. For example, the common misconception that primary caring means ‘sole caring’ and that children will not build an attachment with anyone else. Effective primary caring means that within a team of consistent carers there is a primary (main) caregiver who will build a primary (first) attachment with your child and who will primarily care for your child whilst at care. This means that when your child starts care they settle more quickly as they are encouraged to spend quality time with their primary carer as much as possible rather than a ‘sea of faces’ by spending time with a new person each time they visit. Children use their primary carer as a safe base and sense of security to explore the world around them and as they build secondary attachments to the other consistent carers in the room. Your child’s feelings of safety and security are very important to us which is why we offer free orientation visits for each enrolled child to support them in their transition to our centre.

Nutritious meals that cater to the individual

We have a cook and kitchen hand on the premises that work together to provide tasty, nutritious meals every day for your child. Bring one piece of fruit to share and we provide the rest! We offer breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We know healthy eating is important for healthy bodies and you can relax knowing your child has the opportunity to eat a varied and nutritious menu across the day.
Fussy eating, allergies, asthma, and individual capabilities and interests – our educators are trained to support a variety of children’s individual needs and interests, and our cook is skilled at catering to children’s individual dietary requirements. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can support your child’s individual need.

Our curriculum

We recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers and children’s overall development will be enhanced if educators work in partnership with families (EYLF). Your child’s primary carer will actively work toward understanding your expectations and needs. Families will regularly receive updates on their child’s individual learning and involvement in the program which they can access via an App on their phone and will receive regular email updates. Families are encouraged and given multiple opportunities to take an active role in their child’s development and learning at the centre.
Children are encouraged to develop dispositions and skills for lifelong learning through a balance of spontaneous play and intentional teaching in open ended play based environments. The curriculum is led by our qualified teachers with an emphasis on using children’s individual interests as the foundation for the program. We encourage children to develop skills and capabilities to support their transition to school including an introduction to Jolly Phonics. As part of our philosophy for children’s learning our curriculum includes practices drawn from Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Vygotsky’s theories of learning.
Each room utilises an Ipad to record children’s learning and share this with families. Children also have the opportunity to use these Ipads as a tool to extend their learning and each of our Kindy rooms has their own Smartboard just like many schools have begun to implement.

Our Polices

Currently we are in the process of transferring our policies to Storypark. Enrolled families can find copies of the rest of our policies on the ‘about’ page on Storypark. If you are not an enrolled family and you would like to know more about our centre policies or procedures, please contact one of our centres and speak to our friendly staff.