Through the iparent portal enrolled families have the ability to request booking changes, make payments, update their payment details, receive reminders and view documentation and statements. Families can send messages to the service and be notified with necessary feedback all from their mobile device.


Outside the box is a group aimed toward encouraging professionals in the early childhood industry to ‘think outside the square’ when it comes to children’s learning and development. The focus is on being innovative and asking “Why? What is the purpose?” and challenge some of the patterns of thinking and older traditions that early childhood professionals may have embedded into their practice. Creativity and imagination is one of the most important dispositions children can learn and adults should employ. How many different ways can you use a box to extend children’s learning and interests…? This group is just in it’s infancy, keep an eye out on Facebook for updates.

OBJECTV (Outside the Box Joint Early Childhood Teacher Voice) is a network for Early Childhood Teachers to support them in their leadership role in their service. Networking can bring about a better understanding of best practices, and better articulated curriculum. It can contribute to an overall improvement in teaching and learning in centres as teachers share new ideas and strategies with each other. Networking also helps teachers to internalise what they’ve learned and to apply it in their own centre, and then take part in professional discussion about it.
OBJECTV hosts a meeting each term giving members the opportunity to meet with other professionals, listen to guest speakers, ask questions and share experiences. If you would like to join the OBJECTV network please send your name and a contact email address to